Work is like racing. You can’t always be first, but you can always strive to do your personal best.

Spring means the beginning of racing season for age group athletes. And with racing season underway, I began thinking about how racing, work and life are very similar.

In racing, there are winners…the person who comes in first and the people who come in first in their age groups. But my guess is that many people who participate in races, even if they are the last to cross the finish line, feel a sense of accomplishment and feel like a winner even if they didn’t win the race, didn’t win their age group or set a PR (personal record). They feel like a winner because they did what I call their P.B. (personal best). And isn’t that what racing, work and life are really about…doing your personal best every day?

As many people know, I’m a triathlete and marathoner. I love these sports. I compete in them because I love the journey…the people I meet while training and competing, the things I learn about others and myself and how I improve each day and each year as I strive to do my personal best. Someone I know once said to me, “I don’t know why you call it racing. You never win these races and you’re never going to win.” This comment was made by a person who thinks winning is all that matters. And if he can’t win or be first, he won’t participate. But the reality is that you can’t always win. You can’t always be first. And what a shame it would be if everyone had his attitude and refused to participate in things they weren’t sure they could win.

While we all enjoy winning, I think that winning is very personal and doesn’t always mean you came in first. I think winning is more about doing your personal best, being proud of who you are and what you have achieved.

Savor your victories…all of them and learn from each one. That’s what racing, work and life are really all about.


One Response to “Work is like racing. You can’t always be first, but you can always strive to do your personal best.”

  1. Tim Meyer Says:

    Ditto…winning comes in many different forms.

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